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WesTower was founded in 1989 as a tower design and construction company.   Over the last 25 years WesTower has grown to become the largest self-performing services provider in the US and Canada as a result of our singular focus on the telecommunications sector.  The WesTower team is comprised of the most experienced telecom professionals in the industry with a deep commitment to providing our clients with the highest standards in safety, quality and on-time delivery. 

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  • Our Safety

    Our Safety

  • Our Quality

    Our Quality

  • Our On-Time Delivery

    Our On-Time Delivery

  • Our History

    Our History

  • Our Culture

    Our Culture

  • Our Value Proposition

    Our Value Proposition

Our Capabilities

Over the last 25 years, the network has evolved at an unprecedented rate.  In concert with the persistent change, WesTower has continually evolved to provide the full range of capabilities needed by our clients to meet their strategic and technological goals in network deployment.   With the network evolving at a faster rate than ever before, WesTower continues to meet the challenges of providing the Safety, Quality and On-Time Delivery that our clients need today while helping to build the infrastructure that will transition efficiently into the network of tomorrow.

Contact WesTower today to see how WesT ower’s capabilities and “Experience That Works” can work for you.


  • New Site Builds

    New Site Builds

  • Tower Modifications

    Tower Modifications

  • Site Upgrades

    Site Upgrades

  • Maintenance & Restoration

    Maintenance & Restoration

  • National Services

    National Services

  • Transport & Backhaul

    Transport & Backhaul

Executive Team

The heart of WesTower’s ‘Experience That Works’ is WesTower’s Executive Team. The team combines over 200 years of telecom expertise that provides the strategic and operational excellence of the company. With a strong focus on the telecommunications sector the team is committed to our corporate mission of providing exceptional safety, high quality services and superior customer service to our clients. This philosophy and approach has enabled WesTower to realize significant growth of its professional services and market share throughout the US and Canada over the last 25 years and makes WesTower the oldest and largest solely focused telecommunications services provider in North America.


Steven Pickett

Chief Executive Officer



Glen Hartwig

Chief Financial Officer

F.Joe Keever

Chief Administrative Officer


Andrew Macaulay

Chief Information Officer


Todd Papes

Chief Operating Officer


Earl Speaks

Chief Safety & Quality Officer

Len Hayes

SVP of Supply Chain and Logistics


Stephen McKenna

SVP and General Counsel

Corporate Social Responsibility

WesTower’s Commitment to CSR

WesTower is proud to be publishing our 2014 Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) policies in support of our mission to be an ethical, responsible and sustainable member of the global community.

WesTower’s published CSR declarations include a broad range of policies on workplace health and safety, ethics, labor rights, and many other policies that set the expectations for both the employees of WesTower and of our entire Supply Chain. Our goal as a corporation is to help mentor and monitor all aspects of CSR within our supply chain to ensure that our suppliers are also committed and accountable to the same high standards our clients expect of us and we expect of ourselves.

I am encouraged and excited by the enthusiasm and passion coming from the WesTower team that recently completed an assessment and testing on methods to reduce WesTower’s Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. At the conclusion of the test, employees were given the opportunity to volunteer to become Environmental Champions to help provide local and job specific expertise throughout the WesTower nation. While we were hoping to find a few dozen supporters within the company, we were astounded by the 233 volunteers that stepped forward to ensure we will meet and exceed our corporate goal of a 10% intensity reduction in WesTower's GHG emissions over the next 5 years.

I am proud of our team here at WesTower. Each and every team member is committed to our CSR policies and will be indispensable to our overall strategic goals of safe, ethical and sustainable growth.

Steve Pickett
CEO WesTower


WesTower's CSR and and Sustainability Policies WesTower’s CSR and Sustainability Policies

Our Careers

On Monday, October 20, 2014, WesTower USA was acquired by MasTec Inc. to become a part of MasTec Network Solutions.

The entire WesTower team is excited about becoming a part of the MasTec family as it creates the clear leader in providing the safest, highest quality and on-time delivery of telecommunication’s solutions in the United States.  



Please access the MasTec Network Solutions careers page by clicking on the link below.






Over the last 25 years WesTower has expanded geographically throughout North America to efficiently provide network deployment services for our clients. The WesTower geographic footprint of today enables WesTower to provide services solely focused on the telecommunications industry throughout the US and Canada. With nearly fifty project management and warehouse locations in the US alone, WesTower is uniquely qualified to help carriers and OEMs implement nationally scaled programs and initiatives that require coast to coast consistency and industry leading metrics on Safety, Quality and On-Time Delivery.

Contact WesTower today to see how you can put WesTower’s “Experience That Works” to work locally or nationally for your next telecom program or initiative.

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